Our Story

We love history

and all things OLD

especially when combined

with modern conveniences

that are equally stunning!

RUSTIC BARN RETREATS was born from a simple idea…to share the beauty and history of the towns we’ve come to love and adore. We first began researching land near the Grand Canyon, and of course were taken aback by its richest rich and layered history. The solitude and serenity we experienced in this area was what convinced us to bite the bullet and take this leap of faith. Weddings, family reunions, professional celebrations, along with creative retreats became our dream for this endeavor!

Once our land near the GRAND CANYON was purchased, we began to search in Texas. AJ lived in Austin and Houston for about five years and fell in love with the quaint rural towns between the two cities. We found many potential sites, but it was not until we stumbled upon the 19 acres tucked away from the town square that we felt compelled to say, YES!” When touring the land for the first time, we were met by a group of lounging cows under the most magnificent live oak tree, and we knew this was the one!

A deep love for honoring and maintaining history led us on our very colorful journey in sourcing our barn, a proper bank barn from the 1870s in South Bend Indiana. Our team then dismantled the barn piece by piece and transported it to our acreage in ROUND TOP. This amazing town is inviting, slow paced, beautiful, inspiring, and oh so special! When there, you are surrounded by by history, along with being in the company of those who value preserving it.

Restoring the barn took over a year and has resulted in a home using with stories from its 150 years. Salvaging as much of the original structure was vital to us… Each and every room has original beams and posts. Your inner child may even be tempted by the original belt and ladders that led the farmers up to the hayloft. Today, the loft we created is set up for a relaxing reading or nap session, while still being able to check out the action two levels below in the open great room. If our doors could speak, they would tell you about their own history and grandeur in protecting the residents inside. Combining these antique elements, with modern amenities has been truly incredible.

Our third location is in the BLACK HILLS of South Dakota. Again, the environment is absolutely stunning. Greg is from South Dakota and even worked as a teen at Mount Rushmore. We are actively searching for the perfect land in order to continue our offerings to new and repeat clients.

We are honored to share our properties with anyone wanting together with loved ones, celebrate milestones, learn a new art form, perfect a vocation, or simply get away get away from chronic hustle and bustle. Rustic barn retreats is our way of providing what we can for our communities, while encouraging relaxation, personal growth, family connection and plain old fun! We can’t wait to see you soon!

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